Which Controllers have "upgraded" D-pad?


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The d-pad on my Elite's controller has developed a mind of it's own and tends select up when I press left :thumbsdow so I'm looking at getting a replacement for it.

I was under the impression that some Controllers have different internals to get this, one being the "green" controller which was meant for Pro Evo IIRC.

Can anyone shed any light on this please?


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Only the green one. I have one and can tell you that you wont tell a difference compared to any other controller without a broken d-pad.

I also have a Red one (this does not have the upgraded D-Pad), and it is worse than my black/white controllers, so it is all down to luck.

You wont find a green one unless your willing to go to that famous auction site, and my advise is don't bother.

Sniper Ash6

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it was meant to be the green ones yes

i have used many 360 controllers (good ones and bad ones) and have never had a problem with selecting the wrong thing on the d-pad

i often play Gears, a game that relies on the d-pad heavily due to being the weapon changing method and have always got the weapon i have wanted and needed :)


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In (most) gameplay I've noticed a problem, however, it's pretty bad when typing messages.

The only gameplay problem I've had is on the Simpson's, during the "Dance mat" section and going for the perfect achievement, I had to swap to an older (but better condition) controller to do it as "left" always wanted to select "up" at the same time.

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