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Aug 22, 2002
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I know this has been asked thousands of time before but which console should I buy? Ive already got a dreamcast and ps2 so it's between the xbox and gc. opinions please.
Seeing as you have no idea wot you want or whether either of them are worth buying why actually bother to do it?
i mean if there was a game you really really wanted to play , which was only on particular console then you would buy it right?
Obviously this isnt the case why dont you :
1.Save the money for something you need
2. Buy your mum,girlfriend,sister brother a nice pressie
3. Spend the money on making your mind up classes
4.Go to a horse or dog track and gamble , if you win buy both of em

I mean cmon you have asked the same question thousands of times!! please someone tell me what to do and you still dont do it !!

your like that bloke in the fast show in the pub who cant make a decision on anything, tell you wot why dont you ask us to choose your breakfast cereal,trousers, job,cat etc for you!!
Easy Tiger,

InMan, get a gamecube. I had a PS2 with every game out at the time (267 of, obviously pirate). I'd have to say the only good games on that system were SSX / SSX Tricky / Jak & Daxter and a few obscure imports.

Got rid of it for the Gamecube, and have played it solid for 8 months now.

XBOX would be okay, although will fall into the same hole as the PS2 before long. (and what the hell is with that controller???).

Just my Rant.
How can you tell someone else what to enjoy they may not like what you like? so i suppose GTA3, GT3, Pro evo soccer, etc are a load of rubbish ?

It all depends on what type of games you like and clearly he doesnt have a clue or he would have bought one already.

I mean as far as im concerned GC is all old rehashes of N64 stuff and kiddy mario crap but then some people like that!!

If you dont know what you want dont buy anything until YOU DO!
I mean as far as im concerned GC is all old rehashes of N64 stuff and kiddy mario crap but then some people like that!!

That was just as bad as the comment you were condemning...

inman, this question has been posted to death really and there are plenty of links about it. IMO You should ask yourself what gaming genres do you enjoy - action/adventure/FPS/RTS/racing/fighters/RPGs/platformers/music + rythem/old skool shooters/sports/puzzle etc etc.

Once you have a list of genres that you like, have a look at both the GameCube's and Xbox's list of games and have a look at how many genres that match - For example FPS = Halo (Xbox). Platformers - Mario Sunshine (Gamecube) and so on.

After all games are a form of interactive entertainment regardless if some people call it "kiddie" or "adult" or "teen". If it fits the genres you're looking for then go for it. At the end of the day you can't lose as long as you're honest with yourself that you like videogames for what they are, and not what brand it carries.
What NeoBlade said.

Failing that if, you still can't make up your mind and want to know other peoples thoughts, then get a Game Cube, that's my preferred platform right now, for what it's worth.
You wise up mate!

sorry but the rehash issue is more than obvious and a great deal of the games are SQUARELY aimed at the Kiddies market.
Mario et al.Like I Said SOME PEOPLE LIKE THAT

MY OPINION , MY CHOICE you dont have to agree
:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
I can't wait until Mario Sunshine reaches this 33 year old kiddy :D


PS Off topic: is Timesplitters worth getiing? It's out the same day. I only intend getting about 3 or 4 games before the end of the year, so have to choose carefully.......
DOH WISE UP :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

is that the limit of your vocabulary?

Its a forum , people have opinions!!
I agree that Mario may look kiddy, but it plays like the mature old timer that it is. It has many elements that even a hardened gamer such as myself, with nearly 25yrs of playing behind him, find a little tricky.

25yrs of gaming, damn that makes me feel old, what have I done with my life! :D

Up to 40 shines now.
I probably should also have mentioned something about books, covers and judging, as that is never truer than with the Mario games.
I agree with Bishman, although 25 years of gaming is an awfully long time compared to my 12 years of playing videogames or so. Would be longer if I included the year I bought a Nintendo Game and Watch with Donky Kong ^_^ Loved that watch to bits until I left it in my pocket and was thrown in the wash >_< Wish I kept that flip hand-held thing as well... Had two screens and the game was about a person going along a maze disarming bombs or something... Right now I can't remember the title and no its not BombJack ^_^ I can remember it having a red outercase anyway ::shrugs::

I still need to get more shines but I've been too busy >_< Looks like I'll have to make time for it soon though since the release date for certain games are coming up very soon...
sounds like bombsweeper , but i thought that had a green case.

safebuster was the only one i rember with a red case on the multiscreen, and cement factory had a deep red case nearer burgundy.

how sad i am ;)
lol gizlaroc, for the life of me I can't remember the game >_< Its just annoying me now. It was pretty good until again someone splashed it with water. I used to have the old Double Dragon II hand-held too. I'll probably run a search for it since I saw the hand-held on TV a good few months ago on GamePad II I believe...

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