Which connection is best for audio Optical or Multi Channel Analog?


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At present my DVD player is connected to the amp with an optical lead.
The DVD player offers multi channel out, which is the best way to connect this to the AV amp?


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Not sure if you are asking about stereo or surround- I assume you mean surround, and that the "amp" is a proper surround AV amp/ receiver.

Multichannel audio is normally used for SACD / DVD-audio and needs 3 RCA phono interconnect pairs (or a special JVC 6 phono which comes up ridiulously cheap on ebay sometimes).

For movies the normal is to use a coaxial (if you have one) or optical digital route, and let the AV amp do the decoding. Your DVD player can obviosuly do its own decoding, but generally the amp should do it better (unless perhaps the player costs £800 and the amp £100!). If you get all the cables, you could try both and see what you like!

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