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Question Which color projector screen. White or Grey?

120" Projector Screen Color?

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Hey all,

I am in my last month of finishing my home theater. Thanks for the input so far. So, I am trying to decide between two edge free screens. Same brand and similar specs, but which is better for a dedicated home theater at 120" screen size and using a Sony VPL-HW45ES projector? One is white, and the other CineGrey. Links below.





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Depends entirely on if you are going to be viewing in total darkness or not?
Pitch black - white screen
Light room - grey screen
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IWC Dopplel

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I’m not sure what the lumens will be calibrated but aim for 17-20 ftL I think you’ll need nearer 1.0 gain and may find .8-.9 a bit low


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If you have a light controlled, completely blacked out room, which if it’s a dedicated room you probably have, then white. If it’s got light walls etc, then grey.


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^What Pete said, if your walls and ceiling are black (preferably non reflective) and have blackout blinds to achieve an enviormental where you can’t see your hand in front of you then always go for a white screen.


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Well I have had and used a cheap ebay screen in gray for a while 0.8 gain

Its been super at making the blacks better on my old projector and allowing me to have the lights on dim enough to see but screen still looking good enough to watch.

I now have a JVC x7900 and the blacks are super tho after having the pro around to do calibrate I can see from low lamp I am getting enough light for THX but need more for HDR to how it should.

So with that in mind I have started on the path to cover more and also look towards a white screen.

Tho its not a cheap option I have 2 425cm tracks for my side walls .. they are going to be hanging devore like fabric as a curtain I can then move in to place and cover the walls for films.

So in day use they will be dark painted tho not black and for films covered so black fabric

I am ok as the ceiling I already have 1.5m out covered .. this is fixed in place .. so cant help but the curtain track on the walls might allow you to have the room you want for films and place others at the same time.

also Egyptian cotton for the rest of my ceiling .. its not white but helps and once done you dont notice its not a bright white but will help if you cant do anything else



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Thanks for all the comments!

It is a dedicated theater room. No windows. Light control except for a small amount of ambient light built into the ceiling trim from rope lights and small step lights on the risers.

Sounds like white is the way to go...

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