Which? claim Tosh 32WLT68 can output 1080p??


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Average is about the best that can be said about the 32WLT68 32-inch LCD addition to the Toshiba IDTV Regza range. Despite some seemingly impressive HD credentials (it boasts three digital HDMI and can output a 1080p picture), this doesn't make for especially exciting picture quality.

A friend of mine has bought the 32WLT68 based on the blurb from Which that this TV can output 1080P. I have the 37WLT68 and know that I can only do 1080i, but I can *accept* a 1080p signal.

Can someone just confirm for me that Which? are wrong here? We're not trying to get Which to pay for the TV or anything as the refund can be easily obtained as it was bought from CostCo - but I'd like to get Which? to change their article.

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A tv that can accept a 1080i input and that has a 1920 * 1080 rez will output 1080p because lcd's display progressively. The tv will deinterlace the incoming 1080/60i feed, combining the two fields to output as 1080p/30.

However this particular model doesn't have a 1920 * 1080 rez so no it can't output 1080p in any shape or form.


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But does it mean it can accept a 1080i and downconvert to output at 768? Not sure why this would be useful but hey, I didn't write the article!

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