Which chip for Progressive Scan?


Just got a PAL xbox and would like to make it region free and capable of outputting progressive scan with PAL and NTSC games. Is there a chip that will direct boot both PAL and NTSC games in progressive on a PAL machine or is it necssary to get a US machine?
Can such a chip be disabled - some US gamers have been locked out of Xbox Live when connecting with chipped machines? I would also like to run Mame - is it difficult for the non-technical gamer?
How does PAL progressive compare to NTSC when the PAL game is set to 60hz? Is the PAL60 signal better than NTSC when in progressive mode?:)



I bought a PAL Xbox on Friday (just lost a whole weekend playing Halo and JSRF :clown:) and I'm still trying to find out what's what myself. But from what I've learnt so far, I believe that you can enable HDTV output on a PAL Xbox using a free (but 'unofficial') tool :


This alters one of the registers so that you can select 720p, 1080i etc, in the display menu of the Xbox dashboard (instead of just PAL50/60) providing that you have the HDTV cable plugged in. The cable can be bought from here :


So in theory you can get HDTV output from a PAL game on a PAL Xbox (assuming that the developers do not remove the HDTV stuff from the PAL versions)

You still need a chip to enable you to play NTSC games on a PAL machine of course.

More info :

There is an excellent FAQ here :

Xbox reporter :

Let me know how you get on.



I'm holding out for the X-Ecuter II mod chip which will be released on the 27th November... This will have a multi-bios so if/when I sign up for XBOX Live and Microsoft detects that I have modified my Xbox I can either turn off the modchip, load a BIOS that will bypass the checks or simply change my serial number.

The X-Ecuter 1 has been out for ages now and is $35 at www.xbox-scene.com

Theres loads of information already posted so just run a search ^_^ If that fails then feel free to ask.


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I have been talking to someone that says that the normal unmodded UK Xbox supports 480P. He says that it once he sets the machine to pal 60 it asks him if his tele supports 480p. This is using a component cable. Is this true? I thought that the UK didn't have this so i bought a US one.


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i am just doing this myself so far i have:
1)got x-ecuter installed
2)installed evo-x(gives you a front end with various options)
3)installed video select program(lets you pick pal or ntsc)
4)installed dvdx2(does the multi region without PB kit)
5)installed progressive scan software(right it all went pear shaped here cuz i dont have a progressive source yet as i am still looking at several projectors)i would have thought it would have given me some sort of option to turn it on or off but it did'nt so i just did'nt get a picture.if you have and were running it though a progressive display device i spose the picture stops on in progressive.you will need the high def pack for this though , MS ones can be found online or 3rd party one from game @ 19.99.
bit of a noob at this myself but i hope this gives you a idea of what to do!


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if you use x-ecuter 1 you will need to fit a switch if you plan to go LIVE!


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Make sure you don't go on xbox live with a modchip enabled. MS are banning Modded consoles. Watch out when buying second hand...


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