Which cheap TV Card for full screen capture?


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Just wondering whats the best card for capturing the occasional bit of TV and old vhs onto a DVD.

Looking at putting it in my shuttle system which currently has a AMD [email protected] and 768mb ram and a 9800Pro and around 80gb of HDD space.

Not looking to spend too much as it's only going to be used occasionally.

Would be nice if it did dvd resolutions @ mpeg2 to make my life easier, but to avi would be cool as well - oh..and capture in stereo too.

Probably going to be running showshifter on the machine when it's up and running when I want to use it for recording.




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After reading the forums here, I opted for the Packard Bell TV-100 capture card, which cost £40 from PC world. Great investment!!

Input wise, it's got SVideo, Composite, and RF sockets.

In addition to being able to record in good quality, even nicer is that you can use this card with DScaler to deinterlace the video signal before outputing it to a projector/plasma.

Alex Simon

Yep, either the Xcapture or TV-100 are good bets.
You would use your audio ins on your soundcard/motherboard if it has them.
They will both capture full-screen and have WDM drivers for use with (often free) software that will capture in all the formats you require.
You should be able to find both cards for around £35
Hope that helps


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I am thinking about using my pc as my tv tuner and also want to be able to record and time shift live tv shows. Will the packard bell tv-100 card allow this. Will the analogue input from my tv arial deliver stereo sound to my pc sound card (creative audigy platinum) and is it easy to conect my sky digibox into it too? Also does it support teletext as some software uses this for the EPG and PVR.
Your advice would be appreciated greatly.
I realise that I will also need some software for all this but I am just thinking about the hardware at the moment.

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