Which cheap portable air conditioning unit?


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I have trouble sleeping at best of times and always have a fan on so when its warm I struggle which renders me a zombie all day then. Can anyone recommend a cheap portable air con unit for a small room.

Has anyone tried those £30 small boxes you put water and ice in, they any good? A fan just blows warm air around when it becomes too warm.



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Just to say, I believe once you start using Ice to cool air, then you may well be increasing the humidity.
Moisture in the air.
Which is why the heat feels so uncomfortable in the 1st place.
A dry heat is much easier to handle
However, perhaps you can get some which use ice, but don't let this come into contact with the air.
ICE Packs which cool a unit which the air passes through?

Sloppy Bob

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I bought these for the house

It's not air-con, but it's quiet at decent speeds and both rotates and moves vertically so it bounces cooled air around the room.
I was looking at a proper portable air-con unit but from what I read they're expensive, noisy and just not that good so thought I'd give one of these a whirl. It was so good I bought a 2nd one, or at least tried to, they were sold out everywhere during the hotter weather and I bought the 2nd one once it cooled down for this year.

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