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Which Centre?

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Buying & Building' started by satellite, May 7, 2005.

  1. satellite


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    Hi, I am at the moment looking for a new digital cinema system for my son who is in the army serving abroad.

    He had his JVC THA75R nicked from his room in Germany and the insurance will let him buy a new one up to the value of £440, any make :thumbsup:

    The problem is I didnt even know these things existed till he had it nicked, he is at present 3000 miles away, and its down to me to buy a new one for £440 because he wont get back to base in Germany for months yet.

    The question is....which is the BEST one to buy for £440. There are so many around I am totally confused.

    I would really appreciate anyones views :lease:

    Also I notice these things are cheaper to buy from internet companies as opposed to the high street stores, are there any disadvantages in buying from internet stores?

  2. markyb555

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    Dec 26, 2004
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    major disadvantages as with all or most thats bought over the net, is that you havent got anywhere to physically go if it ever goes wrong. This isnt such a disadvantage to your son, while he's out of the country. afaik, all will be civered with the 12months manufactrurer warrentee, its just getting it to the place for them to either repair or look at it. There are bargains to be had thats for sure, but you have to weigh that up in your own mind weather its worth the gamble,

    Im seriously considering the denon 500sd which if you search well enough can be had alot cheaper then the likes of dixon's which are currently selling it at £500 in the shop, buy it online from dixons or one of them and its around £100 you save :eek: which would be in your budget, just have a scoot tho what other peoples opinons are on the forum and ya can judge for yourself. :)

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