Which center channel is better


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Used BostonAcoustics VR12 center, store demo MartinLogan Motion 6, or new Polk CS20? All are within $50-75 of eachother, all have slightly different specs.

This is the first new speaker of a home theater setup that I hope to never have to do again. I'm pairing it with old Bose 2.2s for now, but will likely replace those soon.


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The best center is one that matches your front speakers by brand and series. The Bose are for now, but where do you intend to go in the future and how much to you intend to spend?

Look into the future and find the front speakers you want to buy, then buy the center that matches them. Otherwise, if you spend considerable money in the future on a nice speaker system, you are going to want it to be a coherent system running at its peak. Which means you will eventually upgrade both the front and center into a matching set. Which, in turn, means the money you spend on a center now is wasted unless it happens to match the front speakers you will buy in the future.

Do you understand what I am saying; does it make sense?



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That's exactly what I suspected. But left the subject of matching speakers open to see if anyone argued that matching them wasn't very important. So, made the mistake of stopping in a home theater shop and had them do an A/B switch on their demo audio tracks using the front 3 speakers only. Quickly narrowed it to Energy and MartinLogan. On both sets the difference between their entry-level center and their mid-level was instantly appreciated. That was the big lesson learned: world of difference between the ML Motion 6 and Motion 8... couldn't go back to the Motion 6. Same was true for the Energy CC-5 and CC-10. I'm obviously not an audiophile but the clarity and acoustic range of the larger centers was undeniably better. Really wanted to keep the speaker budget down but darn... hard to do when you can easily hear the difference.

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