Which CD Player with my Onkyo AV Receiver based cinema system???


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Jan 26, 2009
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Hello all (anyone!),

I'm hoping to get a half decent CD player on a budget of around £150 - £250. I have sky HD and bluray DVD currently hidden away in a large unit feeding an Onkyo tx-sr606 receiver on the top on display through to 2 Monitor Audio BR1s (which I'm adding to slowly). I'd like to add a CD player but unsure what to do.

Normally I'm one for aesthetics so would really like a CD player from Onkyo to sit nicely on top of my onkyo receiver... is this an option? Should I do this or go with another brand? Will my receiver deal with all the sound aspects and I'll only need a basic player? Should I get as much for my money as I possibly can? Some mentioned a DAC... do I really need this with my receiver?

Any ideas???

PS. I'm pretty new to this and learning! :)
you can just use your bluray player as the transport and buy a good DAC like Beresford of DacMagic for c. £150-£200. Will sound better than a dedicated CD player at that price.

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