Which case for my Canon 450D?

Eat The Rich

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Hey everyone.

I've just bought a 450D tonight and it came with the Lowepro Rezo TLZ 10 bag. Now this was part of the deal so I presumed it would be fine but once I got home and had a play with the camera I found the case was extremely small; small enough so that the back of the camera literally just sits above the rim of the bag and it's super tight, i.e. no room for the straps etc.

I'm gonna go back tomorrow and tell them this case is no good but can someone recommend another one for me? I'm going to buy a spare battery soon too so I'll need somewhere to put that. I don't wana go too big but obviously bigger than this.

Any advice would be very welcome. I love this camera by the way!

Calzor Suzay

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You kind of need to have a rough idea of what you want first, carry, over shoulder, belt, rucksack, expandable, just to hold stuff at home or portable, future expansion etc.

Eat The Rich

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Hey -thanks for the reply.

I'm going travelling with this camera and have no intentions right now of buying any other lenses. I want to carry the camera with kit 18-55, a spare battery and a couple of memory cards (maybe the charger?). To be honest I think it'll be in a case within my backback a lot of the time except obviously when I'm gonna be using it a lot.

The one I got last night is just way too small. I presume you're meant to be able to fit the camera straps in as well... there's no chance with this apart from stuffing them crudely in on top of the nice big screen.

Thanks again.

Calzor Suzay

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Some bags leave space for you to run the camera strap outside the case so you can carry it over your shouldler or neck but still inside the bag protected.

Have a look in the camera shop you bought it for size, also have a look here for a rough idea of size/type and most bag manufacturers have pretty good websites of their own once you have a rough idea showing the interior and example shots.

I went from having an over the shoulder Crumpler Pretty Boy to a Thinktank rucksack as I didn't like it on my shoulder and preferred to have both hands free etc, I ride a motorbike and a mountain bike which I both use rucksacks on so am kind of used to having something on my back.


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Just for general walkabout I use a small Tamrac case ...
TAMRAC 5531 ADVENTURE 1 RED from Walters Photo Video Ltd
It takes the camera and kit lens nicely and has the front pouch for odds and sods (spare battery, lens cloth, spare memory card, etc).
The camera strap doesn't fit in the case but I just leave it dangling loose and wear the bag strap.
Just noticed Jessops don't do Tamrac, something like the Lowepro Apex 110 or 120 would be similar.
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