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I have a Sony TRV33 and a Sony Hi8 camcorder with Hi8 tapes to edit. I'm wondering if I should get a Pinnacle Studio DV firewire card and digitize the Hi8 footage with the TRV33 or should I buy a more expensive Pinnacle Studio AV/DV card and let the computer do all the work. Would there be any difference in quality? If I use either of these cards can I edit the material with non Pinnacle software such as Premiere? Thanks for any replies.

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I would let the camcorder do the conversion to DV and transfer it on the firewire, if you try and let the PC to the digitisation you need a decent capture card, most of the cheap cards don't do a very good job.

This method does mean you will end up doing a double conversion though, Hi8 to DV and then DV to MPEG2, a high quality capture card would of course go straight from analogue to MPEG2. You also need to consider that DV needs about 16GB per hour of disk space before you compress into MPEG2.



I've got a sony trv50e and i've copied old hi8 tapes direct to dvtapes using a good s-video cable.

the copies are indistinguishable from the originals and i can now edit them at my leisure

the trv50e will let you copy the hi8 straight to hard disk via a firewire connection if you prefer - assume your model can do the same ...


If you intend to use different software for editing then you will be better getting a generic firewire card for around £10 rather thann paying extra for the Pinnacle card & software.
Be careful with trying to do this with Premiere though as I think that it is not OHCI compatable (wont work with a standard firewire card) apart from the latest Prem Pro version. I may be wrong about this as I am at work and can't check at the moment.


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