Which Card - DVB-T dual tuner and fast channel change


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Can you please recommend a card that will satisfy the following.

1. DVB-T only (Freeview HD won't be here until 2012 so I don't need it)
2. Dual Tuner
3. Fast as possible channel change
4. Sensitive (my current one doesn't pick up all channels but all other tuners in the house do)
5. Works in Media centre (windows 7)

Additional info:

I am running windows 7 32 bit ultimate. AM2 AMD CPU, 4GB RAM, ATI 5670 graphics. Onkyo 507 receiver, Viera 50" plasma.

I know there are lots of other threads lilke this but they are quite old......
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Well not Blackgold! ~4 secs.


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happauge TD500

I have 2 in mine so 4 tuners in all works a treat in 7mc. not sure about speed for channel hopping, dont tend to surf

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What one do you currently have?


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I used to have a Pinnacle (it was ok picked up all the channels but channel change isn't great). Then I got a new graphics card and it wouldn't fit so I had to get a Peak one.
The Peak is a complete piece of rubbish, doesn't pick up all channels and is very slow....

I now have a new motherboard and can fit in any TV card so want to start again.....

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