Which Camera? XM2, PDX10P, VX2000/2100?

Discussion in 'Camcorders, Action Cams & Video Making Forum' started by Mighty Tom, Mar 3, 2005.

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    Hi everyone,
    I've read thousands of reviews and hundreds of posts and I'm more confused than when I started. I'm looking for a DV camera to shoot short TV pilots and indie films. I would love to get a Pana DVX100 or Sony HD FX1 but they are just out of my budget. I'm looking to spend up to £1200 on ebay. This means I can get a canon XM1/2 and maybe XL1/1s, Sony PDX10p, VX1k,2k and maybe 2100 and a panasonic dv400 or sony trv950 at the lower end. I have been recommended the Pana DVC30 but it is just a little too much.

    I would like every feature if possible, but know I can't afford them all. What I really want to know is what is most important i.e. what cannot be done well on current affordable editing software (pinnacle, adobe or ulead) and should be prioritised in the camera. Specifically, progressive frame shooting (25 f PAL), true 16:9, low light ability (would be nice) and XLR audio inputs + mic (which are at least £200 if not included).

    Wow, lots to ask, not expecting miracles, but some guidance from the gurus out there would be great. Cheers all, Tom
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    Personally, I would pick the Panasonic DVX100A.

    I suggest you check out DVXuser.com forum. They made several valid made some comparison. You´ll find them very useful.

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