Which camera? Dimage Z2 or..?


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I know the Z2 is only recently out, but it looks good, fixes a few Z1 problems, 4mp is probably enough for me, and 10x zoom sounds great :)

Other options, considering its £260ish online?

Olympus C750 or HP 945 are both similaly priced.

The c750 is a little older tho looks a competent camera the Z2 seems to be quicker in use and does much better movie functions.

The 945 is bigger and heavier than both, and I dont trust HP to make a decent camera, although the 945 is supposed to be a step forward for them.

I want decent zoom, 4mp + , a good level of manual control of functions, and not an DSLR pricetag lol.

Any other options worth looking at?


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I've got a C750 and have had no trouble with it. Does everything I need. Movie mode isn't bad but only does 15 frames per sec.

I highly recommend it. It came top of all the reviews I read for ultrazooms.


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I considered the FZ10, the image stabalisation looks worthwhile . but its £100 more (out of budget) and there seems to be more than the average number of bugs/problems with it (autofocus etc). Also it has a custom battery pack which I'd hoped to stear clear off.

C750 is still an option - probably the closest to the Z2 , will have to go look at the cameras and see which feels the best, I dont think theres going to be that much in it.

I guess there should be a few more ultrazoom 5mp cameras out this year, as I require the camera for next march (New Zealand trip) at the latest I can wait, but I'd rather get this summer to try out and get used to it.

Stupid me looked at the Canon 300D (digital rebel), I'd love a dSLR but cant justify or afford one atm. What I did like was its ability to zoom into the picture so you can see it at a decent resolution (or at least sections of the frame).

This feature on many cameras? I havnt seen it on any I've used but I may have missed it. I've seen many digital shots that look ok until viewed on a PC, and at least in NZ I wont have a PC to view them often.


What I did like was its ability to zoom into the picture so you can see it at a decent resolution (or at least sections of the frame).
AFAIK most, if not all digital cameras offer this feature. I've got a Minolta Dimage 7 & Canon S30 and they can both zoom in on a previously taken picture to view on the internal screen.

I would suggest you get down to a local Jessops and have a play with a few different digicams. The staff are often well informed on what the cameras can do and holding a camera can let you know if you will get on with it far better than just reviews. Also once you know what camera you like Jessops will pricematch the best UK internet price you can find as long as you have the contact details for that company.



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Thanks MarkE19/everyone.

Tis cool most cameras let you zoom in, I a digicam novice, have used but not owned one before, so havnt had time to find that kind of feature.

Will head down to jessops soon as I'm ready, not in a huge rush tho.

They price match teh innerweb? cool, their online policy states high street pricematch only, I'd rather buy from a decent retailer than www.dodgycameras.co.uk

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