Which cables to use with DV88+?


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Having just bought a DV88+ i want to get the best out of it so what i'm looking for is some cable advice.

What i have now -

For CD playback - Chord Siren interconnects.
For digital to receiver - QED SR75 Digital Coaxial.
Component to TV - Profigold.

I think it's only really the component cables i need to upgrade to use with my Toshiba 42" RPTV.


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try mark grant in the power buy section.


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Are Transparent Cable products available in the U.K.?

I use their Premium component cable with my DV88+ and their entry-level High-Perf. component cable with my Sat/OTA set top box. The Premium cable really shines with the DV88+, but I warn you it's not cheap (MSRP $400 US).



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Hello JIT

I also use component into my Tosh 46 RPTV.
Have been using 3 x Ecosse digital lead (The Producer?) 75ohm cable
costs about £20 for one.

also check out Mark Grant.

Ecosse with my new (slightly used) DV27 producing terrific PQ.




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got DV27 today by courier from Audio Excellence in Bristol.
was a steal at £725!

Amazing PQ and audio- only tried it for about an hour so far- well chuffed!

88+ going well?



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Not got it set up properly yet as i'm moving things about a bit but it certainly gives an excellent picture on a 28" widescreen so hoping once connected up to my RPTV it is just as good.

As for CD's i've still to do a proper comparison with my Sony CDP-XB930 CD player but it sounds good anyhow - i don't think my Denon 1803 receiver is really good enough to match with the Arcam so another upgrade may be approaching - probably a Denon 3805.

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