which cables for my set up?


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hi all i currently have rotel rcd06 cd, rc03 pre amp and 2x rb03 power amps , b&w cm1 on b&w stands, i have 3 pairs of chord cobra 3 interconnects and mark grant bi wire speaker cable , thesystem is set up with 1 amp for left 1 for right. i am overall happy with my system but feel its a bit laid back ,lacking a bit of sparkle or clarity ,good bass and control but vocals are lacking authority . i like an airy not bright sound but feel maybe i got it wrong with my cabling, i read on here since buying that the chords have a rolled off sound and i couldnt agree more, luckily i have all the boxes so can sell them on ,if i were to start from scratch what should i consider. thanks in advance


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the qed qunex range seem to get lots of good reviews and are claimed to give clarity , my problem is where i live we dont have a specialist hifi dealer so i cannot demo to be honest. if i am recommended something i will travel to demo but cannot take home to try.


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I know you are really hoping someone is going to tell you which cables to get but I'm really not sure that it is going to happen.

I would suggest that you find the nearest quality Hi-Fi store with Rotel demo kit, phone them up, explain what you have and what you are looking for then arrange to demo the cables they suggest.

Anything else is going to involve more frustration and wasted time/money and only you will know when you hear the sound you are looking for.

Personally I've never found changing cables to have a very noticeable effect on the sound my components produce, once you get enough copper in the circuit, despite the efforts of my local Linn dealer to convince me otherwise :)

What matters is how you feel about your system though.


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which cables out there contain the most copper ? how do the silver cables out there claim to make a difference to sound ,and in magazine reviews if only copper is required? cheers.:)

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