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Which cable from Sky+ to onkyo 606 please?


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[Apologies if this has been asked a billion times but I tried the forum search with no luck!]

I need to connect the Sky+ box [no HD so no HDMI :thumbsdow] up to the 606 and thought a scart to S-Video would be best like this one from superfi:

QED P2710 PERFORMANCE SQART S-VIDEO > SCART > 2 PHONO PLUGS - available from Superfi UK Visit http://www.superfi.co.uk/index.cfm/page/moreinfo.cfm/product_id/1729 for details

But looking at the back of the onkyo there's a connector between the red and white phonos and the yellow video? Being a newbie I have no idea what it is?? You can see it in the expanded picture of the connections on the onkyo website:


Does this mean there's an alternative/better connection or am I missing something??

Is there a better alternative to the lead in the link? Seems expensive for an old scart lead but I don't want to scrimp if it'll make even the smallest difference!??

Many thanks in advance!


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To help get a quicker answer:


Cheers :clap:


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Picture will be worse connected to 606 with S-Video (many have tried and found this out at cost)

As nice as i know it would be to have it running through the 606 your best bet for optimum picture is RGB scart from Sky+ to RGB enabled scart on TV (making sure RGB is enabled in sky menu)

then just connect optical out from Sky+ to 606 for DD 5.1 sound (also enabling this in sky menu)

If you want to run Sky video through the 606 upgrade to SkyHD (just been reduced to £49!) as this has HDMI (although you will find that for SD channels picture is no better then Sky+ RGB)
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Siamese Cat

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Hi Paddy

Uridium is right, the best option is optical for sound and bypass the amp entirely for the picture taking a scart directly from Sky+ box to the tv. As he says ensure you go into setup on the Sky box to ensure you have output set to RGB.

However if you do want to connect the video through the amp (perhaps you have the amp connected to more than one TV) you don't need the cable that you referred to. It's a little difficult to know what that cable is as the picture and description don't agree with each other. What you need to do is connect the Sky+ box to the amp with an s- video cable. The socket you have been asking about, the one you highlight in your second - Photobucket post - is an s video socket. If you have a look at the back of your Sky box you'll see a similar one. Connect the two. The picture won't be as good as connecting directly to the tv with an RGB signal but is the best you can do without spending a lot of money.


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Thanks guys!

I have an optical cable I bought in error a couple of months ago so I think I'll go the route you guys suggest :thumbsup:

Thanks again :clap:

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