Which Budget Projector?


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Hi guys,

thinking about buying a projector to game on and watch films/use for everyday use.

I have a budget of around £300 but could possibly stretch that slightly.

so yeah whats the best projector for that kind of money?

Preferably with a DVI input but if not then vga will do fine Don't need speakers or a remote or any of that rubbish


EDIT: forgot to say 1920x1080 if possible, doesn't have to be native
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Also would going second hand be a good idea? I don't mind ebay etc if I will get a better projector for the same money :)

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Welcome to the Forum. :)

Sorry you haven't had a reply, but that's usually due to one of two things.

Either your question is so obscure that nobody knows the answer! :eek:

Or it's asked so often that people get fed up typing the same old thing. :thumbsdow

In your case, it's definitely the latter! :laugh:

Can I suggest that you do a search in this section, where there's lots of useful information from KBFern and others.

Please don't hesitate to come back if you need further advice.

Happy viewing! :smashin:


An HDMI input could be used instead of a DVI one. There are DVI to HDMI cables.

For £300 a second hand 720p is possible such as the Optoma HD700 or HD65. Add another £60 and get a new Optoma HD600 720p. They will downscale a 1080p source to 720p

Play.com - Buy Optoma HD600X


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You should scan the classifieds thread on these forums for second hand projectors, there's always a good selection. Failing that, put a wanted thread in there with your requirements and see what comes back :)


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defo put up a wanted thread...
i done that and ended up with a sanyo z3 and ceiling mount for under £250 - brilliant cheap projector, never looked back
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