which budget Blu Ray player for good CD audio as well? Panasonic DP-UB150?


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Hi, I’m looking for a budget Blu Ray player that’s as good as possible for CD playback. I’m hoping that you’ll be able to let me now of which brands / models are best, and which to avoid.

It’s for my mum, she’s less fussed about video quality, doesn’t have surround sound / multi channel, and doesn’t want to spend much. 4k is nice but not needed. WiFi is also nice but not needed

Ideally it’ll also be multi region DVD (or can be made so)

The options that are available:

  1. Panasonic DP-UB150 @ AUD 195 (for the next 2 days). These seem to get very good reviews, but I’ve read that at least one of the expensive models in the family have poor quality for CD playback…) As a massive bonus, this can be modifies by a Panasonic service centre to be multi-region DVD. This would be an ideal solution if the CD audio is ok.

  2. Sony UBP-X700 @Aud 255 (for the next 2 days) These receive great reviews for video and CD…BUT modding for multi region costs $200+, so I'd need to buy an additional $40 DVD player to sit alongside to allow her to play multi-region DVDs

  3. LG's @ ~AUD150 that don't get great reviews, but can be user-modified for multi-region DVD.

  4. Sony: BDPS3500 @ AUD 115 - 165

  5. Sony: BDP-S1500 @ AUD 99 - 145

Hoping that you can help 👽


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I own the Panasonic ub-150 and it looks really good. the 4k blu ray and blu ray dvds look very good as a 55 inch tv or nano916 and it makes a lot with this Panasonic I sincerely recommend it because it does not have smart functions. end they do not serve having already the Smart TV. tonight or seen the 2012 movie on dvd and you could see very well between the Panasonic that brings it to the maximum definition and the nanocell I was satisfied


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All 4K players will have the capability to play CD, how good is down to your expectations. If serious music listening is essential to you then the cheaper players may not pass muster and you would certainly be better off with a standalone CD player. As long as the player can read the disc then your receiver should be able to decode the signal via HDMI or optical.


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The trouble with the UB150 is that it only has one HDMI port, which might make audio routing tricky if you have to use the TV to route player audio, and why would you want the TV on in that scenario anyway, unless you want to look at the CD track list? The UB450 might be a better bet, connection-wise. However, to my ears, my Sony X700 sounds better for CD playback than my Panasonic UB450 (the UB150 with two HDMI ports). There's not a lot in it, but the Sony does seem better to me. It will be more expensive than wither Panasonic machine though, in all probability.


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I could definitely recommend the Pioneer BPD-LX55 it is a superb multi disc player, it is as good as any Arcam CD player I have owned and I have owned three different ones, it has a built in 32bit DAC and RCA audio out so you can have pure digital audio via the dedicated HDMI audio out or Analogue out via the RCA connectors, it is also a Superb Blu Ray player the only downside for some is that it is not 4K but that doesn't bother me at all as i don't own a 4K TV oh and it can easily be a made Multi region DVD..I bought mine already multi region but i think it was probably just via a remote code
just found a post on this very forum:

(1) Pioneer BDP-LX55 Multi-Region Instructions | AVForums


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Thanks to each of you for your detailed and considered responses. You've helped me to make a decision.

Due to lack of old-school amp connections, the current player goes thru the TV, and given that Clem confirmed that the Pana isn't bad as a CD player, what I've decided to do it get the Pana, and try to find decent, basic CD player (probably) and amp. Mum's using an old Audiolab 8000 that is leaner than a skeleton, and has broken RCA's at the back...so not enough inputs.

I'd buy a X700 in a heartbeat, but the additional cost over the Pana, and the cost of buying a multi-region player as well, is better spent on an amp, and possibly a cd player.


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Both the Sony and Panasonic machines are easily modified for MR DVD playback using a remote — eBay is your friend here. For MR BR playback you’d need to buy something from a modder, but then you’d have no warranty with anyone but the modding company.

Both the Panasonic and Sony have a co-ax digital out, so you could use that to route CD audio into a compatible device without having to use a TV, as in the case of the UB150. Bear in mind that if you go the UB150 route, then your TV will need eARC, as will any connected audio kit, if you want to get the benefit of both Dolby and DTS audio, especially the modern codecs. Tha’s why either the X700 or UB450 are a better bet, having a second HDMI port just to handle audio. It bypasses any TV audio handling issues, if used.

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