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I've decided to go for a Bluetooth speakerphone instaead of a headset. I've tried one by Icon which was OK and the idea of dialling buttons is great. In practice, it is very difficult to use, especially in the dark, and easy to press the wrong buttons. Also, at motorway speeds, it is difficult to hear properly - the speaker is not great.

The Jabra one looks good with one simple button but I haven't tried it. I'm also considering waiting for a Bluetooth v. 1.2 ?

A fitted bluetooth car kit could be an option and they are similar cost - but I begrudge paying around £100 to get it fitted!

Any suggestions / further info?

My phone is a Nokia 6230.

Bernard Barnett

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I'm about to get a Jabra B-something-500. I'll let you know how I get on. Meanwhile, did you get something? And do any other members have experience of these things?


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Bringing this thread alive again... can anyone recommend an in car bluetooth speaker phone?

Its for my other half's Honda CRV - she has the OEM Sat Nav system (no BT), so dont want to upgrade the headunit and I dont want a car kit installed.

I remember seeing a review of these devices on the Gadget Show about 9 months ago - cant find it on their website however.



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scary - What's your budget?

I've just trialled the iO Play kit, which is a fully fitted handsfree and BT audio (A2DP) streaming kit and it has been superb. So much so, that this has now replaced the Parrot range as the default choice for company cars where I work.

iO offer adapters for iPods and other devices with only a 3.5mm headphone jack so you can stream this over the cars speakers :)

Devices that support A2DP work without any additional adapters.

And the handsfree element is very, very quick to connect and very stable, with good sound quality at both ends.

It's very discreet and doesn't interfere with the existing setup at all.


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Thanks again Rob.

Hmmm... wanted to stay away from a fitted system as we're only keeping her car another 6 months or so - I'm after a plug n play solution really. Having BT streaming (for music) is not necessary; my wife has a BB and a HTC TyTN II and has no music on either device.

I was thinking somewhere around the £60 mark. I just need something with decent clarity and wife friendly controls - must be safe to use on the go. Even if it can only pick up and drop calls.


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Check out the Parrot website then, as they do a couple of products that don't require installation, but simply clip in place. I've not kept up with their range of late so things may have changed mind you.


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Supertooth visor voice - announces callers name (if it's in your phone book) -handsfree just say ok to answer - wife's got one excellent quality.

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