Which Blu-ray DVD recorder?

Which Blu-ray recorder?

  • LG HR600

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  • LG HR650

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James Vertigan

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I have an LG LX9900 3D TV and am looking for a 3D Blu-ray recorder to replace a bulky/clunky Panasonic DVD player/recorder.

I haven't done a lot of research into this but I'm guessing as I have an LG TV it might be better to buy something like the LG HR600 or 650, but ideally I'd like something with at least two HDMI slots and I believe this only has one.

Alternatively, I've also looked at the Panasonic DMR-BWT700EB if it's not a problem to not have an LG, as this has two HDMI slots unlike the LG's.

I don't have a particular budget, so if anyone wants to recommend something other than those mentioned then I'd welcome this.

I would however, prefer to buy from Comet, as I have been given some vouchers for Christmas that can be used in Comet that I could put towards it.
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