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Which B&W sub, ASW600 or ASW650?


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I have been thinking of getting a sub for my 5.1 setup - I am currently running a 5.0 setup with B&W 602 s2 at the front and 601s2 at the back.
I also have a B&w centre.
I have seen that B&W do two reasonably priced subs - the ASW600 and 650.
Is there much difference between the two and do I really need the 650 over the 600?
I have wooden flooring (sanded boards) with cavity underneath, so I imagine that this will make the bass travel rather a lot!
I am tempted by the 600 because it is cheaper but for another £50 I could get the 650 - is it worth the extra cash and in a room with that setup and size of 6x4metres with 2.6m ceilings - is the 600 ample?
Sorry for the ramble - advice needed! :)
All the best


I think the main difference between the two are,one,the 650 has a bigger main driver,and two,a more powerful amp.Your room is a good size,I'd take the 650 at least.isnt there a 675?


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thanks - I really want a B&W as I want to complement my current setup.


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SKA.face - the 675 is available yes but at a much higher price and would I really need a 500w one - given that my main amp only pushes out 100 wpc to my main speakers?


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Corrado said:
SKA.face - the 675 is available yes but at a much higher price and would I really need a 500w one - given that my main amp only pushes out 100 wpc to my main speakers?

There is no correlation between your main amp's output and a subwoofers...the more power the better frankly:)

Diamond is right about there being lots of alternatives; although I own a B+W sub, take a look around as unless you're thinking purely in aesthetic terms of the sub matching your speakers, there's a ton of options. Other subwoofers will integrate just as well with your speakers, it doens't have to be the same brand:)


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I am stubborn and want to be a completist :)
B&W is what I want so perhaps the ASW650 - has anyone heard or tested this sub?
If only the 675 was withing my reach financially!!


If your friend would pick up some sub, and switched the emblem to B&W, would that work?? :D You can even hide the sub, so no-one could see its brand..


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Hi Corrado

I have B+W 602 S3s and an ASW 675. I have a friend who owns the ASW 650. The 650 is a fair bit bigger than the 675 and has a bigger driver (but a less powerful amp). Both sound good with films and music, but the price difference between the two is reflected in their performance. The 675 sounds tighter, and is great with music. The driver in the 675 is much better than that in the 650, and the 675 is much more compact. The reason it has a 500w amp is to combat the limitations of a small enclosure.
I will be selling the 675 soon, as I've just ordered a huge SVS, PM me if you're interested.


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Mroizouk, you have a PM


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I own a ASW600 and I love it! Great sound.

Let me know if you want any info

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