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Hi guys,

my current set up is

Samsung lcd 42" 1080p
Yamaha DSP-AX620
Bose Acoustimass 10 mkIII

After upgrading the TV and getting the ps3 mainly for blurey movies and music i was happy with the set up, i know allot of you on hear don't like Bose but when i brought it they sounded very impressive in the hifi shop and i did very little research, the other reason for buying was the size perfect for our smallish front room plus it all tucked away out of the way of the child's no pushed in tweeters :mad:.

Now we moved house with a bigger front room the system does not sound as good as it did a bit flat,i would like to get rid of the Bose as i feel there is no room to upgrade any thing, what I'm toying with is buying some B&W 601 or 602 to start with and then build the system around them i need you guys to answer a few things for me

1.Will i notice a difference over the Bose for films
2.Is my current amp up to the job of running the B&W
3.how do you guys rate b&W stuff

Any help would be very greatfull



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1) oh god yes, there will be no comparision between bose and B&W
2)not familiar with the amp, but 90w per channel, should be okay
3)very highly, i have b&w myself. :)

one thing to note, b&w have revamped the 600 series, so that the 601 is no longer current. it may be difficult to find.


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Just a suggestion - the 600 series looks a bit huge and boxy. If you fancy something that has a higher wife-acceptance factor, I can thoroughly recommend the B&W XT series. I have a full XT system - XT4 floorstanders at the front, XT2s at the rear, an XTC centre and a PV1 sub, and it sounds superb.

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good choice of speakers mate although as someone has already stated the new 600 series is a fair bit better than the old 600 series, although still excellent speakers after owning some 603-s3's myself.

A set of 685's, or if you can afford it, 684's would be a 100% improvement over your Bose stuff and a 20 - 30% improvement over the 602's. If you could then eventually afford it add either an Arcam AVR 250/280/300/350 receiver for a real home cinema experience :thumbsup:


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Are you going to use these primarily for movies or music as well?

If you are using them for music and you have a good ear for quality sound then your amp might be a problem. Although surround sound amps tend to have more than enough power they are designed for movies and are not tuned for music. The remedy is either a separate integrated stereo amp or a more musical surround amp i.e. Arcam Boys suggestion.

If your not using them for music why not get a package like the Quad Lites, SVS, MJ Acoustics Xenos etc or have you got your heart set on B&w?


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They will be used used 50/50 may be a bit more for music, Ive kind of got my heart set on them due to the fact my brother in law has always had B&W speakers and NAD amps and they always sounded loverly and made a music a pleasure to listen, so Ive always said when we have more space i would love to get a set.

I know that my amp ant in the same league as the NAD but i am looking to upgrade later this year, so what I'm trying to do is buy a set of 601 s3 or 602 s3 and just use them for a while then start adding to them IE center,sub,surround over a period of time as most of money is tied up int the business at the mo.

The Bose set up ant bad by any means but there is no room for improvement even if replace the amp i don't think it will help they just lack that nice high end quality and warm feeling i get from the B&Ws.


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H. I currently run a B&W setup on a Yamaha AV1 AMP (similar too yours but just a little more power output) I did have a set of DM 603 S2 up front, but now use the 602 S2 in their place because they over powered the room when we moved. CC6 S2 in centre, 601 S2 rear and ASW1000 12” sub, this tents to have a leash on it most of the time due to scaring passersby.
Mainly now only use these for AV after selling my Arcam setup when my daughters was born( bar the nursery rhyme CD’s the wife keeps sticking on), the 3’s are slightly better after hearing them in a demo room down my local HIFI retailer (was in a full demo room, never the same as your home will sound).
You cannot go wrong with B&W; I have not yet come across any other that comes even close for the money.


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Help needed please:lease:

I have a BD30 Blu Ray and a Sony CDP 491 CD Player and a lovey pear of B&W DM110 speakers.

I've just connected them up my to my new Onkyo TX SR 606 and it all sound lovely.

Here's the question I beleave that the B&W DM110's are 8 ohm, I have a set of 5.1 sony pods that are 3 ohm, can I use the centre and rear sony pods on this system and keep the B&W's as my front speakers or shoud I use all the sony pods??

I don't what to damage the Onkyo.

All advice greatfully recieved.


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the 3’s are slightly better after hearing them in a demo room down my local HIFI retailer (

agreed, demoed the whole 6 range, the 603's are better than the 602's by a mile, that's why i have 4 of them!! (and a pair of 602.5's for rears)

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