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I shoot a lot of skateboarding/bmx footage on a Sony TRV950 for eventual output to dvd. So far I'm happy with the results.(Pointless Pastime Vol.1 - only 5 pounds!!) I edit with Premiere Pro, output as avi, encode with Mainconcept and burn disks with Dvd-it!.

I have, though, a small question which I wonder if someone can help me with.

When I export the edited footage from Premiere, I notice that I can either output as microsoft DV avi or plain microsoft avi.

Is there a difference between the two? (apart from the former taking 60 times longer than the latter..)

Any help would be appreciated.


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I don't use Premiere but I would imagine it's DV .avi is compressed avi while the plain Microsoft .avi is uncompressed.

If you want to check if this is the case render a very small section (15 secs) of identical footage to each format & compare file sizes.

The footage from your DV camera is compressed .avi & you are not going to gain anything rendering to uncompressed (unless you needed to save alpha channel in your ouput for example)

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