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Which AV reciever/Amp + speakers + HD/dvd R to buy???


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hi all,

:confused: im new to this so please help me out?

i've ordered the pioneer pdp-436xde (should be here this thursday! wahoo!):clap:

i want to make a decent home cinema system but dont know what i need to make a good one, my buget is kinda tight as i just got the tv but ive got arround 800-900£ to spend the main things i think i need are a:

- Speakers. -surround sound although i would like some large floor standing speakers, i want this to be loud! as i will listen to music on it.
- DVD recorder - maybe with a built in harddrive. was looking a tthe Pioneer DVR-530H-S which will set me back about £300. Would of liked something with HDMI output??

So i got about £500-£600 to spend on a amp and speakers for surround sound.
:lease: PLEASE could you give me advise and any suggestions you have on what amp's and speakers the best for my price range and if the Pioneer DVR-530H-S is decent or go for one with HDMI??. The main thing is i want nice clean sound thats also LOUD!

Thanks alot


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I'd look into not getting the full package in one go. Would be a shame to have a nice screen and then just the 'leftover' budget for the AV. Especially considering you want it LOUD! and you want floorstanders.

Might i recommend an Amp and just front speakers for now, the add a centre, rears, sub etc when funds allow.

Remembering the 10% rule for cabling too, you budget is vanishing real quick, especially if your 10% includes cables for the screen too!

Don't get me wrong you could do it, but why rush it and get only mediocre kit when you could get something pretty nice?


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thanks for the reply, i guess its true what your saying but i dont think im gona have any spare funds for a long time after buying all this!! lol

what would you recommend then for the AV and the Floorstanders?

and what kind of cables would you recommend for the screen??
(sorry complete newbie!)

thanks alot for ur advice


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been looking around, i found a pioneer VSX-1015-S for the av and some mission M35i floorstanders, together about £670

any1 got suggestions about getting these??


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i went to my mate today ask him bout a deal on speakers and amp and showed me the kef Q range, he'l do the kef Q7 Kef Q4's and a denon 1906 amp all for £900?? any suggestions if this is good??? sounded very nice!!!!!


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i just got a denon 1906 from empire direct for £240, they are still selling them at this special price. I believe the kef Q range have been superseded by the iQ range. Check which speakers he was offering. (note, a Q4 speaker is different size speaker to an iQ4, so comparison is not straightforward)

Fat Tony

Active Member
Clarky78 is offering some sound advice (pardon the pun!). A good sound system will add at least 50% to the enjoyment of your new Pio display & it seems a shame to cut corners or rush into something cheap that you may later regret.

The Kef/Denon deal sound interesting, but check the models carefully. Nothing wrong with buying the old range, just as long as you know that (and like the sound). Is this for 5 speakers (i.e. incl. a centre, which you will need for movies)?

They should give you decent sound (& bass) to start with, although you may want to get a subwoofer at some stage to give you the 'loud' sound you crave, especially for movies.


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cheers Fat Tony, liampurcell

i am aware these are the old range but compaired to the cost of the iQ7 (rrp £600) and the iQ5 (say rrp 400) the ones he has offered me are the Q7 and the Q4 which retailed at similar cost in there past. so it seems worth it and they sounded nice loud and crisp! im not the expert in all this so dont even know if i should spend this much on KEF, but like i said they sounded really nice was shocked.

These are not the full 5 speakers. He did not have the center speaker instock in walnut finish, the Q6c. but he had it black and my mate bought it coz he needed one and it sounded really clean on his system, plus can get it for £50 which helps. would like the iQ6c but thats way out of my budget. (£299!)

In the future when funds are higher again! i will get the sub and other tweaks, but i wanted to know if these are good to start with plus with the budget i had originaly. Missions were a chaeper option and tested on the same amp and song sounded really bassy and not as clear as the Kef.

Other thing i was worried about was the Amp if its good to get for future uprades or anything that i may need in the future is missing? HDMI is way out of budget im aware, will have to suffer! is the yamaha RX-V757 or Pioneer VSX1015-s a better amp to go for?

thanks all


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got the Q7s and Q4s, done a deal and got a yamaha DSP-AX757SE which seems a better amp then the denon!

tv comming tomorow!!!!!! cant wait to set it al up! :thumbsup:

thanks all for the help!


Standard Member
in all coz of the yamaha amp being better then the denon inc, all cables and banana plugs and also made him give a decent scart for the tv paid a £1000!

i think its called jubilee electronics in bexley, not sure waiting for the reciept.

set the amp and front 2 speakers up sounds very nice so far!!


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