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Hi guys I'm thinking of getting the pioneer sclx59 or marantz sr7010..... Both have very good reviews I will use it for all sorts, movies, music from cd as well as using the Internet radio and music from phone , I will be using monitor audio bronze bx 5.1 speakers and onkyo skh410 dolby enabled speakers and Cambridge cxc transport cd player...... What are your thoughts ?


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The LX59 is a lower tier model than the SR7010. THe LX79 would be a more comparable model. I'd maybe suggest the Marantz with the speakers you are proposing, either that or maybe consider speakers with a less clinical signature sound to them. Pioneer receivers are rather clinical in their own right so clinical plus clinical can result in an over clinical and sometimes bright sounding setup. The Bronze speakers would also be a level below what you'd expect to be using with receivers of this calibre. You'd probably be better with the Silver range or Apex speakers rather than the Bronze?


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What is your overall budget? You will probably get a better result by spending less on the receiver but giving you more for the speakers. The other option would be to buy the more expensive AVR now and the front 3 speakers from the Silver range and then get the other speakers as funds allow.


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Well to be honest I wasn't planning on changing the speakers but wanted to upgrade the amp!..... Looks like I'll have to think again lol , I was only planning on spending around £1400 which is the price of the 2 amps


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the marantz will pair well with the bronze,and cover all your needs.

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