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Which AV Receiver....to suit system?

Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by chalkstorm, Oct 25, 2005.

  1. chalkstorm

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    Jan 19, 2004
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    Got some questions about kit for my soon to be completed HC-

    1 - speakers. Looking at Monitor Audio RS range - either the RS6 or RS8 fronts, LCR centre, 4 x SFX rears and the SUB. This I am pretty sure about

    2 - Receiver/Amp - should I go for the Yamaha AX757SE, the Pioneer 2014i or the Denon 2805?

    3 - DVD player - either the Pioneer 868AVi, the Yamaha S2500 or a denon 2910

    4 - Projector - BENQPE7700 or Screenplay 5700

    5 - Screen - have given little thought to - other than a 16:9 motorised - with a 9' diagonal.

    My considerations are (other than the speakers) based on magazine reviews..

    Any thoughts or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

  2. pragmatic

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    Nov 9, 2004
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    The speaker amp combo is the most important sound wise (somewhat obviously) so if you have some speakers you have your heart set on you might as well get a demo at a dealer, it'll cost you a little bit more but would mean you make the most informed choice possible.

    As the Monitor audio use metal speakers i woudl suggest you stay away from the pioneer as its brighness and metal speaker wouldn't usualy match especialy for extended listening. The yamaha and denon are more neutral so a better match or even a marantz soemthing like the 7500 may be worth considering (its good wit music too).
    For dvd player you wouldn't get any advantage from having a matched player except looks as i don't think any of the recievers take advantage of ilink/denon link. I'm not entirely familiar with all the players listed, but if you are buying a digital projector (makes it has HDCP or you'd be sorry) you may be better of with a cheaper/differnt player that has DVI or HDMI output (although you will loose the switching ability of the amp as non of the havd digital video switchind) quite a few of these models also have inbuild scalers to convert DVD into higher resolution sources to match your projectors native resolution. These may produce a better picture than the projectors in build scaler.

    Projector wise i believe that things have moved on abit since the 5700 and from what i have read the 5705 and especialy the 5710 are a big improvement. Although as the 5710 is twice the price at most places over the 5705 i doubt the improvement is multi k worth.

    For a system the price you are paying you really would be best served by getting a good dealer, you can audtion you short list and if anythign wrong you have a person to go to, obviously you want a good one, so as long as they are patient with you and treat you with curtusy. Suggest you only want to demo an amp from your short list with your selected speaker, if they won't give you the time of day walk away.

    Once they have shown to be decent dealers expand on the amp and tell them you need a dvd player and projector and get demos of the ones your considering too, ask how the stuff is set up ect and finaly try and get a discount and/or free decent qaulity cables. If they give you decent cables through out free and you demo everything, consider it a deal well done as long as the price is arround 10-15% or less than you'd pay buying from the net. The service offered and peace of mind is worth it and if you ever want to upgrade you will be able to part ex your existing stuff for a decent price.

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