Which av receiver do I need for 2 zone with 5.1 in main room and 2.0 in kitchen ?


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Hi guys and thank you in advance for the help!

So basically I have just moved into a new rental and they have a 5.1 speaker system in the main room (zone 1) and a 2.0 speaker system in the kitchen (zone 2).

It’s all wired into a cupboard under the stairs.

There’s 7 speaker cables and an RCA sub woofer cable in there.

I’d like to be able to play music through all the speakers at the same time and also be able to just play the tv noise through just zone 1.
So I’m basically I’m looking for the cheapest and best option to do that ?
Do I need a 2 zone 5.1 or a 2 zone 7.2 ?

Hope this all makes sense and thank you once again


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Almost any 7 channel AV receiver will give you what you want. You'd be able to assign 2 of the 7 smplification channels to power the 2 speakers in the second zone as a second audio zone while the remaining 5 channels power the 5 speakers in the main zone. You'd simply select the same source for both zones or engage a PARTY MODE if wanting to portray the same source in both zones at the same time.

You'd not get the second zone option with lower end 5.1 AV receiver so you need to be looking at 7 channel models. If you wanted Atmos in the main room then you'd be better off looking at a 9 channel model, but this would obviously cost more.
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