Which audio setting for 2808?!


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Hello everyone. I just had ATT U-verse installed today and its been great so far. It is connected to my Denon 2808 receiver via HDMI cable. I typically keep the receiver on Direct mode and my understanding is that in this mode it will decode whatever the input singal is. Standard shows are usually in 2 channel stereo in this mode. The problem is when I put it on HBO HD, I am not getting 5.1 surround sound. I'm pretty sure the channel is broadcast in 5.1. Do I have to change my receiver to the Dolby Digital surround mode everytime? I figured it would automatically decode the signal. Am I using the wrong the mode?


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I can't comment on the 2808, but my understanding with Denons is that Direct is stereo only, with most of the rubbish cut off. It should only be used for music really. Even then, it's use IMO, is debateable at least.

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You can get multi-channel on Direct Mode but only with ANALOGUE input via 5.1 phonos, but I think via HDMI Pure Direct will just "down mix" multi-channel digital to "stereo" as Badger suggests. You'll need to change to a Dolby Digital (or DTS) surround mode. I don't know if the amp will remember each surround mode for each source, but that may help when switching between different sources (CD = stereo = Direct, DVD = Multi = DD or DTS)


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As far I know (I have the 3808) Pure Direct is just sound with out any bass and treble or effects in 2 channels. If you have vonnected your ATT with your AVR, I believe you have to use STR mode on the AVR, then the AVR will sense the incomming signal and will decode as it comes. In mine if I play a DVD with Dolby Prologic II the AVR senses the signal and the name of Dolby Pro II shows on the screen and the sound is in 5.1

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