Which Atmos speakers?


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Hello all

I am planning to add atmos speakersin my existing 5.1 set up which has :
  1. Denon AVR-X2200W
  2. Dali Zensor 7 (5.1)
I am looking for recommendations on which atmos speakers should I buy to go with above setup? Should I go for ceiling mounted or floor speaker mounting. Any recommendations would be highly appreciated.


The best position is going to be in or on the ceiling. They should be placed above where your knees will be when seated at the main listening position (MLP) and in line with the front left and right. There are plenty of options for inceiling speakers if you are prepared to make holes in that ceiling. If you just wish to attach speakers to the ceiling then the CA Minx will be the job just fine and be light enough to attach directly to the ceiling.

Cambridge Audio Minx MIN12 White | Single Speaker | Richer Sounds


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Thanks for your note. I am happy to make holes on the celing so if that’s given, what option should I go for? Also my existing speakers are Dali Zensor (5.1) so should I buy Dali atmos speakers if they will fit well or that shouldn’t be the criteria. Thanks.


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Depends of your budget. Dali has few in-ceiling models to consider which should be good.

Denon can do only one pair so 5.1.2:




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Thank you so much. Can I confirm the speakers you suggested are not listed as Atmos speakers, but can I use them as almos?


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Any decent quality ceiling speakers will do the job for you! Those Dalis look great if you want to stick with same brand.

You will assign them as "Top Middle / Top Front".

Your receiver should have upmixers Dolby Surround and DTS Neural:X (firmare update?) so you get the overhead channels working with most stuff, no need to be specifically Atmos soundtrack.

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