Which are the best small speakers to buy ??



Just bought the Yamaha RXV-630RDS from Richer Sounds for £319, silly money.

So now have the problem of integration with my main HiFi.

Been into Audio Excellence in Swansea, who suggest I keep my current Epos 11 speakers as main left & right speakers. I can put in a good quality speaker switch so am happy here.

Problem is with 6.1 on the Yamaha I now have to put 3 satellite speakers behind me and install a centre and base.
We visited friends who have the a new Sony (5.1) package and the wife liked the small speakers, 4 inch square silver boxes. They did sound OK I must say, so the pressure is on to get something quick.


Should I buy a speaker package and not use the two front left and right boxes, and perhaps use one for the rear centre??? (which package ??)

Should I buy separates, if so what.

With 3 kids, all able to wreck things in seconds, I need to keep cost down, quality up in the smallest speakers

What are the answers?????
Conventional wisdom suggests that you should have a matching front and centre speakers for the best soundstage across the front channels- therefore a matching Epos centre would be best. However this is probably not cheap, so it depends on what you want to spend?

I am also a bit dubious about using a switch box for the fronts. rather connect the Yamaha to your main amp with phono leads and drive the fronts for films with the "main amp" nad use the Yam for the centre and rear channels. Power off the Yam for normal stereo CD's and use the main amp only driving the Epos fronts.

As for "surround" speakers, there are tons of choices. Your idea to get a package is good, but I would avoid Sony packages, particularly as they will probably integrate poorly with the Epos mains. Using larger full range such as Kef Cresta 1's and matching centre might integrate better? Richer Sounds are selling them for peanuts at the moment. Even one of the cheap Eltax packages might suit better than Sony (or similar) speakers designed for DAVS all-in-ones which will be overpowered by the Yam. Mission do great budget surround speakers too, especially for the rear. Most guys here have too juggle the sound vs looks issue with the wife looking over their shoulders.:rolleyes:

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