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Looking for help in choosing a Archos. Ok so I should start with what I will be using it for, and they will be.
Uploading my own DVDs and Music
Also I want to use it to upload my pictures and review them from my DSLR while out and about.

I have been looking at the New Archos 5 60GB & 120GB.
Is this all possible without buying add-ons?
Thank you for any help.



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With some caveats, yes.

If you mean commercially produced DVDs when you say 'my own DVDs' then you will need to use some software to help you as these are encrypted to prevent you doing what you wish to do.

Discussion of software that enables you to circumvent commercial encryption is not encouraged on these forums so I'll leave that point there.

If you just mean DVDs you have made yourself from a movie camera then that is not a problem as long as you can get them into WMV or DIVX format for example.

The optional cinema plug-in on the Archos allows it to directly read VOB files if that is any help to you.

For your digital camera files the only thing to avoid is RAW format which the Archos cannot read, but with most cameras capable of RAW format, there is the option to make a jpeg at the same time, or to embed a jpeg in the RAW file which the Archos can then read.

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