Which Arcam amps have auto sensing?

Looking to buy some power amps and need 5 channels in all but I need an amp or amps that have auto sensing as my pre has no trigger and I don't want to have to turn the power amps off manually. Also occasionally forget and leave the pre switched on for ages and my current poweramp sits there eating up power.

I know the P80 has this but what about the P85 or P90?

John Dawson

Novice Member
It's just the P80 that has autosignal sensing - it was designed later than the P85/90 and this feature was included primarily for the custom install market. The others can all be activated with a 12V trigger but I can see that won't help you here :-(


John Dawson (Arcam)
Thanks John. I don't think the P80 can take the third module either can it? One option I am considering as an A85 with 7.1 module and a 3 channel power amp (which would need auto sensing!). Then a seperate cheapo DD/DTS reciever purely for processing Xbox and DVD etc. My main love is music.

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