Question Which amplifer for Tannoy Revolution XT 6F


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I need help to decide which amplifer for Tannoy Revolution XT 6F speakers?

I was checking:

1. Arcam S20
2. Audiolab 8300A
3. Rega Brio or Rega Elex
4. Yamaha R-N803D
5. or ......

any advice will be welcome. Thanks . Igor


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It might be good idea to list sources, streaming, CD, etc

Helix Hifi

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It might be a good idea to say how big your listing room is and so on? What kind of sound you like? But if you want my opinion. Many of those amplifiers well suit your Tannoy speaker very good. The new Rega Brio amplifier we’ll work wonders with your Tannoy speakers. Trust your ears, only you can decide.
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Arcam FMJ A38 worked well with mine.
The Cambridge 60 watter amp was awful.


3. Rega Brio or Rega Elex
Unless you want a headphone socket then I'd go for the Elex. Plenty of power in reserve and would suit the Tannoy. I'm a Elicit-R owner and they are brilliant amps.

Helix Hifi

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You could try Arcam A38. It’s an amazing amplifier or the Yamaha AS2100. But! But Tannoy are easy to drive. I’d go for one the Rega amps. But only you can decide. Good luck.

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