which amp to go for with av9 dvd 29 p7 or parasound a51

voice x

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I have recentley purchased arcam FmJ AV9 and dvd29 and looking for a good power amp to be used for av & 2 channel use and be dynamic all round
the speaker pakage is bmw802 fronts and 804 as rears the 2 amps i am looking at are :lease:

1) Arcam P7
2) Parasound A51 amp



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Second Crustys recommendation, but of the two listed I would go A51 over P7 with those speakers.


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Interesting to see you plug the Brystons. Is there a reason? I have a good angle on their five channel unit and was holding back as I didn't think it was a good fit with my Arcam kit. Is the five channel up to snuff? As my signature says I am running Sonus Faber speakers and they have a single terminal :rolleyes:

Kenny Glasgow

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the P7 sounds very good with the AV9 and is obviously the best visual match.

I would agree that Bryston amps are superb and as you live in Canada why don't you give them a try?

I don't think that you'll have any probs with your SF speakers (which are great)


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I'm quite happy with the P7 I recently bought.
No compression at orchestral tutti as with the AVR300 I previously owned, and a very sweet sound (even at late night listening levels) in i.c.w. the AV8.

Now I have an angle on a very cheap s/h Linn set: Chakra 5 ch final (5 x 60W @ 8 ohms) and Unidisk SC player/pre combination.
If that works out it will be fun to compare the P7 to the Chakra.
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