Which Amp + Speaker to replace Onkyo HTX-22HD all-in-one


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I'm looking to replace my Onkyo HTX-22HD 2.1 speaker system since I find the fan too noisy. You can hear the fan from 8-9 feet away when listening to a quiet part in a movie which I find annoying.

I've already posted a question on the All-in-one forum to ask about possible all-in-one replacements, but another option open to me is to buy a separate amplifier and speaker.

My audio visual setup is currently as follows:
Humax DVR Freesat box, PS3 and Samsung LE46A656 HD TV

If I decide to go the separate routes, rather than an all-in-one system, can anyone offer some suggestions on a suitable amplifier and speakers?

I only have room for 2 speakers. I would like the speakers to fit on a glass TV shelf, maximum height of the speakers can be 20-21cm. The amplifier can either sit on the glass shelf (maximum 20-21cm height) or sit on the floor next to the TV shelf.

Not too fussed about budget. I'm just looking for a good quality amp and speakers so I can enjoy the sound from my freesat box and PS3.

I need an amplifier that either has no fan at all, or a quiet fan. I know quiet can be hard to define and is subjective, but I want the amplifier to be as near as silent when sat 8-9 feet away.

Any help or advice would be much appreciated.



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If you like the sound of the Onkyo you have now then you could look at the Onkyo 507 (£220). You could even reuse your current speakers and just get a new sub.
When you say budget is not an issue what would your expected and maximum spend be. This would help to focus suggestions as AV recievers can cost many thousands!!!!


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Sorry for the vague comment on budget! My maximum budget is up to £1000, that would either be just for a sub and use my existing speakers, or to buy new speakers as well.

I'd prefer if possible to buy some new speakers as I would imagine I would have better chance at selling my existing Onkyo HTX-22D if it was a complete set with speakers?

So ideally I'm looking for a new sub and new speakers for under a grand.


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