Which Amp/Speaker Setup?

Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by BruTamUK, Oct 26, 2005.

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    Hi there,
    I've been reading this forum for the past 2 months trying to decide which speaker/amp/dvd setup to go for.
    I have several ideas in mind but each time I make my mind up I read something here to change it again!
    I will be buying a Pioneer 435XDE plasma from Costco for £2349 inc speakers/stand. I know I could probably get the 436XDE for a similar price but this includes a guarantee as long as I am a Costco member!
    Now then onto the important stuff.
    I've decided on the Denon DVD-1920 (£182 multi-region) following the good reviews.

    I have considered the following amps-
    Denon AVR1906 £245
    Denon AVR2106 £333
    Yamaha RX-657 £306
    I have demo'd the 1906 with some KEF eggs which I thought sounded good, but unfortunatley the wife doesn't like how they look so the KEF's are out of the question!

    The speakers I am interested in are-
    Mission m3i Cinema £630
    Jamo A355PD £499
    Mordaunt Short AV Genie £729 inc stands,speaker cable and sub cable.

    I was decided on the Denon 1906 and the Genie's but most people seem to recommend a more expensive amp (such as the Denon 2805/3805) to go with these speakers. Does this mean that they wont sound there best with the 1906? Would either of the other 2 amps do a better job? Also the Genie's have an impedance of 4, will this be a problem with the 1906?
    The wife like the look of the Jamo's but I fear that they wont sound anywhere as good as the other two.
    The Mission setup looks quite attractive (even to the wife!). Would these paired up to the 1906 be a good combination.
    My budget for amp/speakers/dvd is around £1100 plus cabling.
    Can anyone recommend a suitable setup either with any of the above or something different.

    90% of the time the speakers will be used for DVD/TV, 10% music.
    (The prices above are from a local hifi shop that will price match prices I found on the internet.)

    Any advice would be appreciated .

    Many thaks,

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