Which amp Sony STRDG500S or Yamaha RX-V359 ?



Which amp is better and which one should I buy? I will be using the amp mostly for home cinema usage (connected to Sky & DVD). I will not use it much for music at all.

I have seen the Sony STRDG500 S for £155 inc. P&P from Empire Direct

and I have seen the Yamaha RX-V359 for £172 inc. P&P from pixmania.

Or can you suggest any other alternatives for around £150.


i have a STRDG500 S and am very happy with it , its powering my kef eggs very nicely . I have watched all the thx starwars movies with 6.1/7.1 and it sounds fantastic . Imho concidering the features it has (auto setup etc) and the very cheap price you cant go wrong with it.
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