Which AMP...for someone totally new to Home Cinema


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Hi All

as the title says... I am totally new to all this AV stuff (sorry buts that what i call it at the minute)

I have read loads of reviews...read pages and pages on here (what a fantastic site by the way)....been in all my local 'specialists'

What I have learnt so far is OK...even though its still all jumbled up in my head...

My questions go as follows......

1. How can somebody new to all this tell the difference between
all the amps available

I have shortlisted... sorry for the abbreviation (why is abbreviation such a long word??)

sony 910... price
onkyo 605... gear & 3y warranty
denon 2308... name

2. Is there any others I should consider, read reviews on etc (budget upto £400)

3. Is there any Speaker Packages that compliment certain Amps

4. What should I spend on Speakers

I hope(Know) someboby out there can help and advise

you have to bear in mind I don't mind spending a bit more if the kit is worth it...
(what i mean is i hate to spend say £100 on anything and it only does X and lasts 1-2 years
when I can spend £200 and get a better product that going to last 4-5 years and have a risidual value)

Thanks in advance



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Haven't heard any of the amps myself but the Onkyo is very well regarded on these forums and seems to be about as up to date as anything.
Speakers are a much more personal choice and you really need to try to get a demo and listen before you buy.
You also need to consider what would be suitable for your room - 5 speakers and a sub can be quite difficult to integrate in to your lounge!
My personal choice would be the Quad L-ite system, but I'ma big Quad fan. They sound fabulous, look great, are reasonably sized and have a stonking subwoofer. They're also a bit of a bargain at the moment as they're reduced to near enough 1/2 price (I believe a new range is due to be released soon).
Have a look here


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It depends what you need, without the need for HDMI switching the amp choice grows.

for example
Denon 1907 is only £170 from Richersounds but no HDMI (rrp £400 last year)
Onkyo 605 is £350 from several sources but has HDMI handshaking problems
The price drops drastically if you don't mind last years amp.

How big can you let your speakers get, are you limited for space?
I tend to spend more on speakers than my amps ..... but they last a lot longer
(my floor standing B&W DM220s are about 25 years old and have seen off 3 amps)

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