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Which amp for 2 HDMI outs, switchable between all HDMI inputs?


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Hi all; I just had an idea which might be possible with the right AV amp.

Basically I have a laptop, a PC and a PS3. I also have a HDTV and a monitor.

I want to be able to send any of those inputs to any of the outputs, e.g. I might have the laptop on the monitor and the PC on the TV. Later I might want the laptop on the TV and the PS3 on the monitor. After that I might want the PS3 on the TV and so on.

Until my brainwave I thought the only thing that might give me this functionality was this, which actually looks like a stunning piece of kit.

The main disadvantage of the KVM, other than the price, is that I currenty have the PS3 connected directly to the TV so my gf can easily watch movies etc. on it. Putting it through an amp would be ok as I can set up the remote to handle it (Harmony One). Adding the KVM to the mix would make it harder for her to get it working.

I already have an ATEN CS1782 KVM, so switching the KB and mouse focus isn't an issue, which is why I'm now thinking of using an AV amp for the video switching. My old Yamaha RX-V620RDS is starting to die (speaker channels randomly stop working) so I could a new amp anyway.

So in summary I'm looking for an AV amp that has two HDMI outputs each of which can output any one of the HDMI inputs. Also both HDMI outputs must be usable simultaneously. In terms of budget it's more a case of seeing how much this would cost rather than 'I can't spend more than x'.

Of course if anyone has any ideas of other ways to achieve what I'm after then I'm all ears :)



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Are you wanting both outputs to be independant (show different inputs at the same time)? If you are then your out of luck - No Av Receiver with dual HDMI output has this facility, they are either mirrored, or only one can be in use at any time.


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Wow that was quick; thanks!

Yes I do want them to be independent. That's a real shame; guess it's back to the KVM solution then.

Thanks for the info; saved me wasting a lot of time :)


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In the end I've bought a 4x2 HDMI matrix switch, which I think should give me everything apart from controlling my PS3 with my PC keyboard.

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