Which abbey savings account?


Basically, I want to get a savings account so I can save some money overthe next 8/9 months.

The account has to be with Abbey and I just want to get the most amount of interest on my money over that 8 month period whilst it remaining "100% safe"

I need to be able to manage the money online (move into other accounts after to 8 months) and view the balance/statement. I also need to be able to deposit money into the account at Abbey branches.

Savings is likely to be under 5k.

Would prefer an account that I can apply for online too. I don't have an abbey account at the moment but it must be an abbey savings account.

Which account do you recommend?

- Also, how long does it usually take for them to process an online application?


Steve N

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You need to be very careful with Abbey.
I set up a current account with them to put away money now and again and use for ebay and here.
I set them up as a verified account with paypal.
All was ok for a while.

I didn't do much for a while and then bought several things on ebay - small items all under £50.
Then I was notified that my bank refused to honour the agreement and actually froze my account.

I had to contact paypal, ebay and the sellers to convince them I wasn't some scammer and pay them in some other way.
One of the sellers had had the same experience with Abbey themselves and paypal were understanding as they had seen this with Abbey before.

I then went through three or four months of hell.
I'd got over five hundred pounds in my account but was told that they suspended it as I "hadn't been active" for a while.
In the end I had to agree to put in a minimum of £250 every month to keep it active.
I also had to re-submit proof of identity.
It took months to get things going again.

It's been ok since and the internet side works fine.


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Not sure about Abbey, but many banks offer their best savings rates to current account holders or regular savers.
I've still got an Alliance and Leicester regular savings account that pays 12%, and a Halifax one that pays 10%. Unfortunately, both accounts were only good for a year, and run out soon.

Best I could find recently for a standard no penalties instant access savings account was 3% with Halifax. They also gave me £50 to move my current account from Lloyds TSB.

Any reason why you have to stick with Abbey?

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