Which A/V receiver would suit me best?


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Ok this is my first post so please go gentle on me :D...

I am a 27 year old Engineer from Malta (yes that small island somewhere in the EU :laugh:...) and have been a fan of AV systems from when I was small. I have never owned a decent setup yet cos my watch collecting hobby drains all the funds normally :mad:...

My 'best' setup so far has been a 5.1 Panasonic home cinema which of course for you guys here it leaves a lot to be desired, especially in music mode :thumbsdow...I have decided I need a decent system for a budget of 1500 Euros max (slightly less is better).

I am very impulsive normally but really want to get this one right. So these last 3 weeks I have been getting in all the prices, info, specs and reviews I could get hold of and have narrowed my choice to the below:

A/V receiver:

- Onkyo TXNR509
- Yamaha RXV671
- Onkyo TXNR609

I will be hooking it up to a set of speakers from the below list (I have still to decide :confused:). My room measures approx. 4m by 3m and space is somewhat limited (so no overly large speakers). I will use it 70% movies and 30% music (easy rock, jazz, generic). I don't want anything crazy in terms of sound output, I just want an honest reproduction that is clear with minimal distortion at medium output levels.

5 Channel Speaker systems:

- Wharfedale diamond - 10.6x2 (floorstands), 10.1x2 (rear), 10CSV
- Jamo S608 HCS3 system
- Q Acoustics 2000I
- Tannoy Mercury V4 AV

My question is would it be better if I went with the Onkyo509 and spend the remainder on the best quality speakers I can afford? Or would the system sound better with say the Onkyo609 and a decent set of speakers? I do not want 7.1 speakers so would the step up to the 609 vs the 509 be useless or would the 609 still drive a 5 speaker setup better? What are the other advantages of the 609/RXV671 over the 509? I need your help here :lease:...

I have audtioned the Jamo & Wharfedale speakers and the Onkyo 509 receiver and ALL are a BIG step up from my current setup. I like 'natural' sounding systems best and cooler in favour of warmer (bass over mid and treble, must say the Wharfys 10.6 were the warmest from my auditions)...

Thanks for any help in advance :hiya:!

PS: Could you recommend a good online store where I could buy the whole package and have it shipped to Malta (EU)?
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