Which 65 inch TV to buy - Replacement of Panasonic Viera TC-P55GT50


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Hi there,

I am currently looking for a replacement for my beloved Panasonic Plasma TV. The Panasonic will go to the bedroom to make place for a bigger TV in the living room.
Recently I am watching many films and series over Amazon Prime and Netflix (Full HD plan). I am using a NVIDIA Shield PRO TV as media source. I also plan to use NVIDIA Gamestreaming with the shield TV from my very potent Gaming Rig. And there is a Nintendo Switch which is used pretty often by my wife.
By now there is nearly no HDR media in my posession, but as I plan to buy the TV for the next 5-10 years, I want to be some kind of future proof in that field.
Viewing Distance is aound 3-3.5m and there is a couch which three seats in front of the TV. I have no clue whether I need some "large viewing angle" features in this conditions.

My living room is neither very dark nor very bright. But the daylight my Plasma sometimes forced me to close the shutters. After reading the very informative "OLED Burn-In Risk" Thread, i decided against OLED. My Plasma TV also suffered some very persistang image retentions after playing Zelda Breath of the wild for 4 weeks (those pesky red hearts which works as a life indicator, where visible for weeks). So I don't want to stress my luck and go the LCD / QLED route.

So here are the options I am taking into account right now (all 65 inch):
Sony XG9505 -1500€ ( Android TV - MEW. But I dont plan to use the "smart functions" at all)
Samsung Q85R -1750€ (One Connect Box is nice)
Samsung Q80R - 1500€ (Would be a pick if the price distance to the Q85R would be larger)
Samsung Q8FN -1200€ (in EU only Edge Lit? So maybe not an option... but IDK. But afaik it comes with an One Connect Box)

Am I missing an important TV? Right now I would tend to the Q85R because of its best overall performance and the very neat One Connect Box, But that is not a must.
What do you think of the Q8FN? Is it a good Deal.

Any Help is appreciated.


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I would say it is worth the extra because you said you want to keep the tv for 5 to 10 years.
the only tv I believe with a better picture would be an oled but the q90r is excellent


Are they still doing the "up to £400" cashback with the Samsung Q90R?

If you want to be most future proof you will want this TV or one of LGs OLEDs.

The lower tier Samsung LCD TVs don't do 120hz at 4k with VRR support...although perhaps that's insignificant if you are using remote gaming limited to 60hz?

As pointed out already, the Q8FN is not the well reviewed North American model. In Europe the Q8FN is a TV without good local dimming and can't be compared to TVs like the Q80R or Q85R.


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They have a 300€ Cashback. So the q90r in 65 inch would be 2150€.
Maybe wait for the sales when the 2020 models hit markets.


Maybe wait for the sales when the 2020 models hit markets.
Depends how much you value the possibility of 4k VRR at 120hz. It's only relevant for Xbox and directly connected PC's with an AMD graphics card currently but in the future it's likely going to be more relevant as its part of the HDMI 2.1 spec. So the new games consoles coming out and graphics cards for PCs support HDMI 2.1 will use this standard.

You'll still get VRR on the lower tier Samsung 2019 models like the Q85R but only up to 60hz at 4k or 120hz at 2k.

Does this matter to you at all though? If you aren't directly going to connect a new console or PC now or in the future.

Also, it's worth considering that none of these TVs are truly future proof anyway since they do not have a full set of HDMI 2.1 features and do not carry true HDMI ports. Even the LG OLEDs that have full set of HDMI 2.1 features are still lacking support for certain resolutions as part of the spec.


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Following a Reddit discussion about the 4K 120hz capabilities of the q90r, I understand that Samsung uses some kind of 'out of HDMI spec' way to Make that possible. Chroma subsampling with 4:2:0. According to the thread no Single device exists by now which can Output that Format. Except PCs.

So even of I buy that Q90r, nobody can guarantee that it will work eg. With xbox or PS5 even if they Follow the pure HDMI spec.

Which Part of that is Future proof?

That makes it hard for me to understand whats the use of such an exotic way to Bypass HDMI Standards beside pure Marketing.

Ah To answer your question: 4k 120hz are not important now. Most likely I will never buy an Xbox. More likely a PS5 and most likely all new Nintendo consoles.
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The problem is the current lack of HDMI 2.1 source devices. Its true that you won't know for sure how it will work with the next generation of consoles, but the TV is at least capable of a 4k signal at 120hz currently, so it can carry a higher bandwidth than the lower tier models that max out at 4k at 60hz.

Chroma sampling being dropped to 4:2:0 may be unimportant if you are using HDR. If games like video follow the same standard as they currently are, they will be mastered at 4:2:0 with a 10bit colour depth and not 4:4:4 8bit like SDR.

PC is the same, when HDR is used in a game (or video) it will switch away from 4:4:4 RGB and go down to 4:2:2 or 4:2:0.

All video content is mastered in 4:2:0 be it SDR or HDR, so you definitely will not lose any quality there.

The only time to be concerned about gaming is if you plan to game in SDR with a PC Directly connected as then you will be limited with bandwidth and not able to game at 120hz with RGB. Or if games are ever released for consoles in SDR but still support 120hz frame rate (unlikely).

Currently 120hz VRR at 4k works on the Xbox One and One X so you would expect it also to work with future generation consoles as well. Not guaranteed, but expected. PC use is less of a quandary since they are far more flexible with sending different signals.

Ah To answer your question: 4k 120hz are not important now. Most likely I will never buy an Xbox. More likely a PS5 and most likely all new Nintendo consoles.
Then you should go for the Q85R. In fact, if your main use is going to be non-HDR remote gaming you could save a lot of money and shop instead for a TV that doesn't pack as strong HDR hardware as the Q85R. I haven't looked in to remote gaming but my bet is things like HDR support are going to be on the last list of problems to solve when its already a challenge to serve 4k at 60hz at decent quality.

The only thing that puts me off remote gaming myself is because I know you lose out on so many features compared to a direct connection. While they struggle to get games transmitted at 4k. Direct connection means you won't miss out on HDR and VRR.


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Accoding to some NVIDIA Threads on reddit, HDR 4k Remotegaming in 60Hz is currently working. So maybe 120Hz is not that far away.

But to be clear: Remote Gaming is not the main use case of that TV. That is watching films and series.
Maybe 75% Films and Series (Mainly Netflix and Amazon Prime) and 25% Games (20% Switch and 5% PS3 and remote gaming).

So the main use is for streaming video content. With and Without HDR.

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