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Apologies, may be similar to other threads. 700 is a hard top budget unless there's a very compelling reason otherwise

Am in the market now (can't wait) for a 55". Would prefer Google Play tv (is that the right terminology?), does that restrict me to Philips and Sony?

Sources will be inbuilt Freeview and my wife watches a lot of SD channels (Itv3, Dave etc), as well as Netflix /Prime etc which id prefer to have through the TV rather than maintaining existing Youview PVR box. Needs to be Freeview play, and would also like ability to record to USB. Tv will also have a quite wide viewing angle to one of the seats in the room.

Id started out and gradually talked myself into one of the Black Friday OLEDs at around £1k but the TV is for a family room and I don't think we'd get the value out if it - don't think the kids are going to appreciate £300 of extra blackness in our colour saturation in Shrek etc. Outside of OLED I'm lost (LED/QLED/ULED/LCD etc), ive been into my local Richer Sounds but tbh with only around 6 panels on display left feeling very underwhelmed. Tried Currys but the kids on the floor hadn't a clue.

Help please!


Sony are waiting on UK terrestrial catchup apps, I think they only have My5 at the moment.
Philips have all of them.

With Sony you could aim for the X85J/X87J models and hope there's a good Black Friday sale, these are really the only mid range models sold between Philips and Sony, so without going for these you'd have to go for a lower spec model.

If you are happy with last years Android TV platform you could consider TVs from last year too like Sony's XH90, this TV doesn't lack catchup apps.

There's also TCL TVs that run Android too but all but their higher C825 model range is also low tier TVs.

There's only LCD TVs and OLED TVs btw. QLED, LED, ULED are not new display technologies like OLED.


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Thank you for that - RS were suggesting a Sony X89JU, would you include that as a recommendation for the money (£800)?

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