Which 55" for top budget?

Hello. Thanks for letting me in.

I have the chance to change our aging telly with something much better.

After negotiations with my wife, we (she) have settled on 55" max size.

So, with a budget up to £2,500 (to include sound bar) what tv should we get? I've have been reading and looking at tellys until my eyes bleed.

I don't want to mount it on the wall, so that seems to rule out the LG G1 - no feet available.

I like the Samsung QN95A, but not sure because 'it's not an OLED'.

Both with matching sound bars. Not looking for rear speakers.

Usage: Netflix mostly, some Prime, Disney, BBC/ITV/C4 iPlayer. We have the subtitles on all the time (#getting old) but maybe with a sound bar, we'll actually be able to hear what people are saying. A bright, sunny room. My wife does (when I'm not around) do the old fashioned thing and flick through the freeview channels.

No gaming, no sport, no news. Just films and quality dramas.

What would you buy?



Sounds like the Samsung QN91A and up models are ideal for you. You don't need the QN95A unless you want the one-connect-box.

Sony also have the X95J, but it's probably a step below the Samsung's overall in quality.

OLED may not be wise if subtitles are always being used, and if your wife keeps the now and next info up a lot that could even be dangerous in the long term with burn in.

The Samsung LCD TVs are also very good in bright rooms.


Dolby Vision content will fall back to standard HDR10 on the Samsung models.
It's hard to compare because how can you imagine how a TV that doesn't support Dolby Vision look if it did?
The most comparable model with would be Sony's X95J, but that's a TV that overall has worse HDR picture quality anyway.

Generally, it's not important compared to how well the TV can display HDR to begin with. How well the local dimming works, how bright the TV can get and how many colours it can show in each step of brightness is the main thing that constitutes to picture quality with HDR, Dolby Vision really is just a box to tick, that on TVs that support it can boost the picture quality slightly. It's not really a reason to not decide to purchase a model, at least with more expensive TVs.

If you buy the Sony X95J instead you get a TV that has good motion and excellent picture accuracy, but other areas won't be as good as the Samsung models, particularly local dimming and blooming supression.

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