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Dec 10, 2002
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Hi all,

Decided to get rid of my dedicated cinema room so I'm going to be selling my kit and gettting a 55-60 smart tv for the living room instead.

Would prefer plasma and do like deep blacks.

Been out of touch with the TV scene since I bought my SD Panasonic plasma, years ago so advice needed.

Soo.. what's my options?
I would jump right in and mention these

Panasonic 55ST60 (shop around i have seen it for £1350)
Panasonic 55ST50 (last years model)
Panasonic 50 or 55VT50 (last years but an awesome tv)
Samsung 60E6500 (last years model)

I would recommend looking on HDTV test website as the 55ST50 and 60E6500 were both very highly rated last year. If I remember rightly the ST50 was given TV of the year by them
Thanks buddy, will have a look at those options:smashin:
Id look at the ST60 for that price, last years sets were good but buy all accounts this years have some good improvements. Maybe look at the Samsung 60 F5500, last years Samsung plasmas are very hard to find now, stock dropped off months ago.
The Samsung looks like it has quite poor blacks which is a bit of a worry, will look at prices for the st50, any recommendations for places to buy them?
Panasonic dealer like TPS near Manchester or richer sounds. John Lewis have a smashing deal on the 50 gt50 but no 2012 55s
Any other tvs around that size and price worth looking at in led or lcd?
gingerone said:
Any other tvs around that size and price worth looking at in led or lcd?

Not if you like 'deep' blacks lol

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