Question Which 50" non smart, non 4k £300-£500


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Any advice appreciated for a 50" TV between £300-£500, I don't need smart as I have a Kodi box to hook up to it, and not interested in 4k content for another few years at least.
Just looking for the best TV picture and sound in the price range.


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In the 48-50in range, if your looking for the best picture, your going to get smart and 3D - its just the way it is. Best value would be the 48H6400 from Samsung. Apparently still available, although I dont know the price, but thats a great set. If not, then this years 48J6300 is much the same, but curved. Currently £539.

The Sony W8 in a 50in is in the same niche as the Samsungs, but expect to pay about £599 at the moment. If you want to go down a level to 2D 100hz, then I like the LG 630 in a 49in - at £449 you got a really nice panel, which moves really well. The Samsung J5500 in a 48 is currently £409, which only a tenner more than the non smart version with 2 HDMI's. so spend the extra.

The Samsung H6400 would get my vote - but go and look at them.


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Thanks for the info, do you have a link for the Samsung J5500 in a 48 at £409?


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The H6400 has a native 120Hz refresh rate whereas the J5500 is only 60Hz...despite what Samsung would have you believe through their marketing. The 5500 is at a very low price though but if it was me I'd be podding out the extra for smoother motion...espeically on a large 48" screen where it's needed more than say a 40".

Might also look at the Sony 50" W755C which is £529 with 6year guarantee from Richer Sounds;

SONY BRAVIA KDL50W755CBlack 50 inch Smart LED Android TV 1080p HD Youview

This also has 120Hz refresh rate. But I like the fact you can swivel the H6400.


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I am seriously considering the LG 50LF652V which I can purchase for £450 here

I am also looking for a decent TV, sub £500 (although I could stretch to a bit more IF its significantly worth it), 46-50" TV with decent gaming performance for the bedroom. I don't have an aerial point so freeview etc not important (unless you can get a decent portable aerial that might work). It will predominantly be used for gaming (PS3, XB360) and for watching DVD's BluRays - Smart TV function a bonus if it comes with wi-fi.

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I wouldn't get to worried about refresh rates (which is a bit of a mare anyway). 60/120hz is normally a US figure, whereas here we have 50/100hz - but its much of a muchness. The 6400 used to be 400hz, whereas the 5500 used to be 100hz (although how well it did it seems to have faltered about 3 years ago) - the 6400 was just better than the 5500, and better than the 6200 (which was 200hz). A cynic would say that everything is just 50hz, 100hz and 200hz, and the rest just numbers, but I'm not even going there...

The W755 is a panel I'd place in the 100hz range, even though its classed as 800hz this year (but the W70, which is basically last years version, is classed as 200hz) - some years back, Sony 100hz screens suddenly became 200hz, because that was on the chip.

Like the LG 6 series - the 5 was always classed as about 100hz, but even though the 6 series version still had notionally 100hz, you could see immediately it had better blacks and moved really well. The 652 is sort of above old school 100hz, but its not in the level of the 6400. Nice though, and £450 is a good price.

The 6400 is still the best of the lot, and if you can get a good price on it, I'd go for it.


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I agree with Old Bones. In fact, later this month I'll be buying (though they don't know it yet) the Samsung UE40H6400 AND the Samsung UE48H6400 for two ex-girlfriends.

Review of the 48" one here Samsung UE48H6400 LED TV Review and here Samsung UE48H6400 review | What Hi-Fi? and here Samsung UE48H6400.

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