Which 50 inch?


New to this game but want to get a good 50 inch plasma (Been told Plasma is better than LCD) and so far with my budget I am looking at two options.

Pioneer PDP-508X...(Which seems to have some great reviews) or the Panasonic TH-50PZ700

Should I go with the Panasonic because it is FULL HD.

Keep in mind that I intend to keep this TV for atleast 5 years



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No brainer, get the Pioneer the Panasonic is brutal at SD where as the Pioneer excels at everything. :thumbsup:


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I think you'll find that the Panasonic is actually quite good with SD rather than "brutal" as the previous poster has said. Yes the Pio may be the current mainstream leader but that does not automatically make everything else redundant.

Also, if the 720p vs 1080p debate is confusing you then it depends on what you going to be doing with the screen and how far you sit from it. In the end the only real way of sorting this out is to see the screens and compare them.

If I was in the market now for a 50" then I would have a few more panels on my list and certainly as they are such an expensive purchase I would be looking for a specialist AV dealer for a demo to see which is actually going to be best for my needs.

Consider :-
Panasonic (both Consumer and commercial)

Thanks Phil, I guess having a young family I may not get all the chances to really enjoy the TV....also the screen will be mostly used for showing kids channels / films.

Saying that when I do get the chance I want to make sure I made the best buy.....I have a 5 by 8 meter lounge so in the prime seat I would be as far as 7 meters away from the screen....closet I would be sitting is 4 meters



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Ok sitting that far away 1080P is unlikely to offer you much benefit. Look at it from the viewpoint that if the set you like has that feature, then it's a bonus but if it doesn't then don't let it put you off. Best advice is to see them for yourself and once you are happy with what you see with your own eyes, ignore what anyone else tells you about specs.


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I know it's no substitute for having a look yourself, but if it helps, Home Cinema Choice have done a review of the 508XD and the 50PZ700 this month. The 508 got the best buy in that particular review. Picture score for 508 was 5, for the PZ700 was 4.5, if memory serves me correctly.


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I sit just over 4m away, and my 508xd is stunning. you don't need a 1080p tv. I can heartedly recommend the pioneer.

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